Pool Key Agreement

BNC Metro Districts 1 & 2

Property Street Address: *
Resident Name(s): *
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Reason for Key Issuance

The following acknowledgements must all be marked “yes” before a pool key will be issued:
  I acknowledge that the pool key is property of the District. I also acknowledge that failure and/or the failure
of our guests to   follow the rules of the pool may result in the confiscation of this pool key.
  I acknowledge that, in the event the pool key is lost or destroyed, a replacement key will be issued at a cost of
$20 payable to the District.
  I acknowledge that, per District policy, only one key is issued per household.
  I agree to not share this pool key with anybody living outside of our household.
  I agree to not make copies of this key
Additional acknowledgement for issuance of a replacement key (Leave blank if not requesting a replacement key)
  I agree to pay the District $20 for this replacement key. Further, I acknowledge that, upon receipt of the billing statement from the
District, failure to pay the $20 replacement fee may result in the District levying fines and interest on my account.

By clicking submit, you agree to the terms of this form

NOTE: Pool keys will be issued and available for pick up from the gate monitor at the pool within 4 days after the pool key application is submitted online.