Architectural Design Guidelines

Article VII of the Declaration Document requires all homeowners to obtain pre-approval from the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) before making certain improvements to their lots. Homeowners must complete and submit to the ARC a design review request (DRR) form. (Click on the link below to open and save a blank copy of the DRR form.) Per paragraph 7.3 of the Declaration Document, DRR forms are considered approved if the ARC does not respond within 30 days of receipt of the DRR form.

The ARC’s policy is to approve or reject DRRs based on the ARC's architectural policies and design standards. A copy of the ARC's current architectural policies and design standards can be opened and/or downloaded using the link below. Homeowners submitting a DRR form must indicate on their DRR form that they are familiar with the ARC's current architectural policies and design standards.

Lot Modifications Requiring Pre-Approval

The Design Guidelines and Standards and section X and XI of the Declaration Document lists the modifications or improvements to lots that require the pre-approval of the ARC.

Design Review Request (DRR) Forms and Guidelines

Design Review Request Form >>> Click HERE to download.  [April 2021 version]

Architectural Policies and Design Standards/Rules >>> Click HERE to download. [June 2021 version]

Click HERE to submit your completed DRR form.

Paint definitions

When reviewing the Turnberry Meadows paint book, please note the following terms are defined as follows:
  • BODY COLOR: All sections of the house that are not otherwise painted a "trim" or "accent" color
  • TRIM COLORS: Eaves running underneath the roofs; window outlines; garage door outlines (but not the garage door itself)
  • ACCENT COLORS: Shutters, front doors and porches (including stairs and railings)
Rain gutters and downspouts should be camouflaged - matching the house color section that is covered by the rain gutter.

TURNBERRY Paint Book (Pre-Approved Color Schemes)

Click on the link below to go to the Sherwin Williams website and review an online copy of the District's paint book:

   Click Here for Online
Neighborhood Paint Book


WARNING: The screen resolution of your computer can cause the online paint swatches to appear significantly different that the physical paint color swatch. For example, gray colors may appear blue, red colors appear pink, light-shaded colors appear as a darker shade, etc. Confirm your color choices by reviewing the physical color swatch before submitting a design request form to change the color scheme on your house.

Currently, the District has three paint books available for homeowners to check out and review. Paint books can be obtained from the District Manager. Please email the District Manager to request checking out a paint book. Alternatively, you can review a copy of the paint book at the following Sherwin Williams store:

Sherwin Williams
10440 Chambers Rd
Commerce City, CO 80022
(720) 328-9879

City Permits

Homeowners are responsible for contacting Commerce City to determine whether a permit from the City must be obtained. Receiving approval for a project from the Architectural Committee does not mean the project will be approved by the City and vice versa. Installation of sheds, driveways, driveway extensions, sidewalks, fences and trees are a few types of projects that require approval from both your District and Commerce City.