District Contractors

The District is proud to have the following contractors serving the Turnberry neighborhood:
   District Management Company
Contractor: Wolfersberger, LLC
Property Manager: Charles Wolfersberger & Jen Brink
Mailing Address: 12210 Brighton Rd #8 | Henderson, CO 80640
Phone: (720) 541-7725
Fax: (720) 282-5996
Email: charles@wolfersbergerLLC.com / Jbrink@wolfersbergerLLC.com
Website: www.wolfersbergerllc.com

General Information: Our district management company performs the administrative functions for our metropolitan district including accounting, reporting and maintenance of the District's records. Wolfersberger, LLC has been serving as the District's management company since June 2020.

Please contact Jennifer Brink or Charles Wolfersberger regarding any questions or concerns about the management or maintenance of the parks and open spaces in your neighborhood.
      Contractor: Schultz Industries, Inc
Landscaping Manager: Josh Lenker
Address: 13451 West 43rd Drive Golden, CO 80403
Main Phone: (303) 420-7677
Sprinkler Repair Hotline: (720) 299-5685
Website: www.schultzindustries.net

General Information: Schultz Industries has been servicing the landscaping in the District since 2018.
 Pool Maintenance Contractor
      Contractor: R&R Aquatics
Landscaping Manager: Robert Barillot Jr
Address: Denver, CO
Phone: (855) 772-7824
Website: www.randraquatics.com

General Information: R&R Aquatics has been servicing the District's pool  since June 2021.
  District's General Counsel
  Law Firm: Paul Rufien, P.C.
General Counsel: Paul Rufien
Address: 3900 E Mexico Ave, Suite 300| Denver, CO 80210
Phone: (720) 506-9230
Website: none

General Information: Paul Rufien has been serving the District as its general counsel since June 2020.